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Chengdu Lemetian medicine to help scientific research experiments, pleasing results

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Repeated large-scale outbreaks of the epidemic this year have affected all walks of life to varying degrees, including the traditional Chinese medicine industry. Since 2016, Chengdu Lemetian has focused on the production and development of Chinese herbal reference products to help scientific research experiments, and has provided high-quality products for more than 6000 scientific research workers. At present, more than 1,000 academic papers are published using our products every year. In 2022, we will never forget our original intention and strive to move forward!

Please see the screenshot below for details:


Nat Biotech| 北京大学谢正伟课题组与合作者创建基于基因指纹和深度学习的药效预测系统(DLEPS)




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