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High-purity chemical reference standards

More than 4000 chemical reference standards, which can be used for component identification, pharmacological activity screening, toxicity, preparation and other scientific research and product analysis in the fields of food, medicine, and cosmetics.

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Natural Product Compound Libraries

More than 4,000 natural product compound libraries are used for HTS and HCS, and customers can freely select compound library products according to natural product sources, natural product categories, research fields, and drug market status.

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High-quality plant extracts

With the systematic separation experience of more than 150 medicinal plant species and components, we have accumulated a number of preparation processes for high-quality medicinal plant extracts, and can provide related products for large health-related industries such as medicine, food, health care products, and cosmetics.

Semi-synthetic and fully-synthetic series

We can customize products according to customer needs.

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Customized services for herbal APIs and intermediates

Fifty-eight percent of medicines in development are small molecules—many of which feature highly potent molecules. With competitive options for phytochemical API outsourcing in all geographical regions, it can be difficult to choose the right partner for your project, regardless of its complexity.

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We can also provide other special customized services such as industrialization customization and process development services of active ingredients of traditional Chinese medicine, customized separation of target compounds, purification process development services of APIs or intermediates,etc.

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